a subconscious language in

line, dimension and space



Greek architects used the Golden Section (Golden Ratio, Golden Mean, Golden Rectangle) to design everything from the Parthenon to oil vases.  Even the lettering on their buildings related to the structure as a whole. 


The Golden Section is one of 12 design templates called Orthogons.  Each Orthogon begins with a square. 


Dimensions of an Orthogon serve as an understructure for works of art and design.


This website is an easy-to-use approach to a historically rich model


String, the straightedge of paper or even a stick can be used

 to create an Orthogon.

No complicated formulas are needed!


Frank Lloyd Wright noted the “wonderful sound” of Greek buildings.  Perhaps their structures actually resonate with

harmonious relationships.


“… I beg you to consider me not as a mathematician but as a painter writing of these things.”  Leon Battista Alberti, On Painting.

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