AURON (Golden Section)


No matter how you form a Golden Section, another Golden Section will always appear, infinity in and infinity out (that's one reason it's called "Golden"). Just look for the square in the smaller rectangle within the Auron.


1. Find the halfway point on one side of the square.  (Use a separate paper or string and fold it in half, or you could also measure the side of the square.)  Precision helps but only pull out the electron microscope if you feel the need.


2. Put the metal point of the compass on the halfway dot—A


3. Put the pencil point up on a diagonal corner—B. Arc the pencil point down (a little past where the side of the square is) C.

4. Draw a line extending the side of your square out to C and finish making a rectangle.


You now have 2 sizes to work with inside the whole piece (the original square and the smaller portion beyond the square—which will be another Golden Rectangle).  Additional proportions can be found at the Design Application link.


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